About Us

church1Riverside Assembly is made up of people from all walks of life that share a common faith. Our congregation enjoys a fellowship of people from more than twenty nations all united by a common life-changing faith in God through Jesus Christ, His Son. Riverside Church is here because of Jesus Christ. The folks who worship here desire to grow in His love, wisdom, and service while experiencing vibrant worship. We invite you to worship with us!





Our Purpose

At Riverside Assembly of God, we want people to learn about who God is and how much He loves them. We want people to experience the true presence of God so that they can see how wonderful He is. It is our desire to encourage people to be followers of Jesus Christ and to encourage people to connect with each other so that we can share the love of Jesus. We also want to be good members of our community and be a blessing to the Merrimack Valley.

Our Vision

"Riverside Assembly of God will be a church of excellence, providing believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world who are well grounded in their faith, Pentecostal in practice, hungry to continually grow in their faith and life experiences, and enjoying spiritually healthy relationships in all areas of their lives." 

Our Values

We Value Scripture. The Scripture as the fully inspired Word of God is the very foundation of life. It is the final authority on all matters of faith and conscience.

We Value Worship. We see worship as essential to our faith bringing honor due to God. We must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We Value the Spirit-filled Life. We believe that the full Christian life encompasses an emphasis on Spirit-filled living which is seen in a lifelong walk of discipleship, disciple-making, prayer, commitment to service, a desire for intimacy with God, and a life of holiness. 

We Value Community. We believe connecting with one another in love is God’s desire for His Church, and that’s what fellowship is. Fellowship allows us to encourage each other on the journey of discipleship.

We Value the Family. We care about family life. Healthy application of the gospel fosters healthy family relationships. We see the life of the church mirroring or becoming an extended family.

We Value People. God’s forgiveness and grace come only through Jesus Christ. Experiencing that rebirth and telling others the story of what Jesus has done in us is God’s will for us.